Example of Creative ‘Win/Win’ Fee Arrangement

creative-win-win-solutionsAnother client has significant work opportunity tax credits. The client wished to outsource credit processing, a service offered by Barnwell (we currently process several thousand WOTC applications a year). The client wanted to outsource, but insisted that for it to win, it needed to be convinced that the WOTC credit would grow enough to cover the incremental fees. Other WOTC vendors, the client complained, wanted a percentage of the credit. The client’s concern centered on the risk that the credit would not grow enough to cover the percentage fee, a win for the consulting firm but a loss for the client.

We proposed a creative solution, that we would take no fee for the existing credits, but to the extent we “grew” the credit, we would take a larger percentage. The client readily agreed, and has been a happy WOTC client of ours for five years. This example underscores our commitment to value, that we only get paid when the client receives (and acknowledges receipt of) value.

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In Summary, Barnwell Consulting, LLC can:

  • Find state income/franchise tax refunds and have collected millions of dollars in cash refunds
  • Assist with altering corporate structure when good business purpose exists, to help lower state income tax liabilities
  • Assist with FIN 48 accruals, but more importantly with strategies to resolve FIN 48 uncertainty projects that help companies lower the state effective tax rate.
  • Handle complex income and sales/use tax audits and have been successful in eliminating or reducing material assessments
  • Assist clients with SALT issues in acquisitions and divestitures
  • Identify credits and incentives, which fall into two broad categories, statutory and negotiated. With respect to the former, we see our job less as identifying statutory credits – and more focused on whether our client has fully recognized the credit, and obtained the maximum possible benefit.