Georgia Tax Credit for Training Employees

ga-employee-training-tax-crGeorgia offers an income tax credit for businesses that retrain existing employees on new technology or software, quality management, and similar programs. The credit may offset 50% of the taxpayer’s liability. While the credit may be quite lucrative, companies sometimes overlook it.

Barnwell found such a case with a large telecommunications company that trained existing employees on an ongoing basis due to the steady-state implementation of new technologies. The company recovered about two hundred thousand dollars per year. Unfortunately, Georgia “pulled a fast one” and only allows companies to go back one year – so it is important for companies to claim their retraining credits as soon as possible, preferably on originally filed returns.

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In Summary, Barnwell Consulting, LLC can:

  • Find state income/franchise tax refunds and have collected millions of dollars in cash refunds
  • Assist with altering corporate structure when good business purpose exists, to help lower state income tax liabilities
  • Assist with FIN 48 accruals, but more importantly with strategies to resolve FIN 48 uncertainty projects that help companies lower the state effective tax rate.
  • Handle complex income and sales/use tax audits and have been successful in eliminating or reducing material assessments
  • Assist clients with SALT issues in acquisitions and divestitures
  • Identify credits and incentives, which fall into two broad categories, statutory and negotiated. With respect to the former, we see our job less as identifying statutory credits – and more focused on whether our client has fully recognized the credit, and obtained the maximum possible benefit.