Business License Compliance

Historically, the focus of state tax practitioners has been on the “S” or “State” in SALT (State and Local Tax.) But, increasingly, we are asked to consult with our clients on local tax matters. As a consulting industry, we have, to some degree, neglected the importance of the “L”, or “Local” in SALT. For example, it is surprising to note that the City of Los Angeles has a budget that is larger than the budgets of several states.

Our practice includes assisting companies with business license compliance using the latest software available. We are able to bring our in-depth understanding of issues such as apportionment and nexus to the “local level” and help clients navigate through these increasingly choppy waters. We assist clients with local tax audits, something we are seeing at heightened levels as Cities struggle with finances.

As with most Barnwell Consulting services, we offer a no cost feasibility study of your business’s current state to assist you in assessing your local tax exposures and identify means of managing compliance and minimizing liabilities.

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