$2.7 Million Georgia Jobs Credit


This company, audited by a Big 4, had a complex history, including several acquisitions and divestitures and a corporate headquarters move from out-of-state to Georgia. The company began adding jobs in Georgia in the mid-90’s. For whatever reason, the Big 4 firm had not advised the client to claim Georgia jobs credits, credits the client clearly was entitled to claim. … [Read more...]

$2 Million Mississippi Income Tax Refund and ASC 740-10 Mitigation


While many states have eliminated the throwback rule, Mississippi still has one. This refund opportunity arose while we studied the client’s ASC 740-10 reserve. We noted that the client’s effective state tax rate was quite high as compared to benchmark. The reason? To some extent the high rate was attributed to the fact that the client had essentially doubled booked … [Read more...]